July Roosters

Exotic papers and gouache on paper

12 x 12 7/8 inches
Available: Framed $310.00

“July Roosters” or “Freedom Roosters” is a mixed media painting on paper. Framed with a gold frame it measures 15 1/4″ X 15″ and is ready to hang. I painted a series of 13 roosters and chickens for an exhibit. For the month of July I thought of two roosters representing their countries. An American rooster standing on a golden globe where its country can be seen and a French rooster standing also on a globe where France can be seen in gold. Both roosters have their country’s flag as scarves. Stars are flying away from the American rooster’s flag-scarf. July, for the USA and France is the month when people celebrate their freedom and the events that led to it. The rooster is France’s national bird. It calls the sun, the return of light.