Coming Back Home

Coming Back Home

2016 Mixed media on canvas

Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibition. Cheyenne, Wyoming 2017

“Coming Back Home” is a view of the Grand Teton with Jenny Lake at its feet from an airplane as it is approaching the Jackson Hole airport to land.

I wanted to celebrate the mountain where I have spent many beautiful days climbing, hiking and skiing. Its portrait needed to be more than just a representation. I “dressed” up the mountain as if it were going to a magnificent party with gold, silver and copper leaves and vibrant colors. These colors are merely a humble rendering of the actual beauty of seasons passing on its slopes and of the poetic and haunting sunrises that touch its folds.

I left a large swath of white as if it were an untouched area. The eyes of the viewer can complete the portrait, fill in the blank, or leave it as is­–a pause in the visual music.