Coming Home

Coming HomeComing Home is an acrylic painting on canvas about Wyoming and the people who lived and live in Wyoming. The painting shows the inside of a barn where a rider, presumably a women, left her hat filled with Indian paintbrushes on a blue table. Did she just come home from a ride in the Hills? The state’s flower is the Indian paintbrush. On the wall a sepia toned picture by Edward Curtis shows a young Indian girl next to her play tipi. She is looking toward the horizon. In the painting the horizon becomes a window through which Seagulls are flying. Is the young girl looking at something particular or is she dreaming of the future? The walls seem to be made of clouds. What is the relationship between the Cowgirl and the Indian girl? Is it because of E. Curtis’ work? The young Indian girl on the picture and the absent cowgirl are both Wyoming women and they speak of Wyoming past and present.